Treat yourself to the deep dive of Jeremy's Soul Motion Points of View. I continue to leave his sessions bursting with appreciation for this improvisational dancer. He guides with a deft clarity and spacious intelligence of our Soul Motion practice. Check him out!

- Vinn Arjuna Marti - Designer and founder of Soul Motion™



Yesterday's Soul Motion class felt extremely positive to me. I’ve tried taking dance classes several times in my life, but I could never keep up with the learning of steps, etc. I always dropped out. And in most social dance situations I’ve felt very hesitant and awkward. So I have long told people, “I can't dance.” But yesterday, I learned that I can. This was truly healing for me, and it left me feeling more deeply embodied. The session was also great fun, very connecting, and invigorating.

- Will Meecham, MD



I love the feeling of presence and focus in this class. Jeremy constantly pays attention to what unfolds there, and he carefully places ingredients in the soup to make it ever richer.

- Byron Kawaichi - Artist, graphic designer



In Jeremy's workshop, my body moved in ways I didn't know were possible for me. I give credit to the safe space for full expression that he created, as well as the inspiring dancers who attended.

- Jim Benson - Sex and relationship coach for men



One extraordinary aspect of Jeremy's teaching is his ability to switch from facilitator to dancer and back again with pure grace. Each week I feel him fully as the facilitator and fully as one of the dancers; never separating himself. I believe this unique offering of Jeremy's has tremendous impact on the dance and inspires some of the magic that happens.

- Barbra Brannon



Jeremy creates vibrant spaciousness every week that continually has me discovering new aliveness in my body. His teaching and music call me into new ways of moving and being present with myself. Come try his class!

- Kat Snow - Editor, Soul Motion™ teacher



The offering of this day, for me, was a multi-layered and uniquely laid healing field, an invitation to open with tenderness into both my most raw wounding and my most free and creative self. I was brought to my edge, again and again, with such a feeling of safety in the container - thanks to Jeremy and all the souls who showed up to share. 

- Rajyo Huntley



I would also like to thank you Jeremy. I found your gentleness of spirit and guidance through the spiraling territory a wonderful journey. I felt held and supported in the group community as well, and I thank all of my dancing partners. It was a very heartfelt day!

- Joleen Bishop


Thank you Jeremy. You are a talented facilitator. I deeply appreciate your wisdom and humor. I am finding your classes very useful in exploring the relationship between the individual and the community. Thank you for bringing such a wonderful group together in my little town!

- Sonja Williams - Mother, innkeeper and dancer



Jeremy's Tuesday night class has been my primary forum in which I let the medicine of dance move me. His somatic wisdom, embodied playfulness, and wonder-full curiosity allow me to deepen into an experience of "What If?"

and "Yes!"
Each week he offers a new inquiry, tool, or concept that I use as my guide to open my Form to the Formless."

- Nicole Stone



Jeremy's classes and workshops are quite unique and singular in my varied soul motion experience. Stimulating, light, curious, with levity and also very deep sensitivity and perception. Always, ALWAYS, a fantastic nourishing field
is generated, like nothing else I have experienced.
Don't miss it!

-Timothy Wood



Jeremy is an innovative Soul Motion teacher. His teaching gives me a fresh and delightful surprise about my own movement and what's happening on the floor. I appreciate his deep passion for movement, his playful experimental spirit, and strong facilitating skills.

- Iko Miyazaki



Jeremy's classes enliven me. His prompts guide me to locate my body in space, both internal and external. I enter a liminal zone of exploration, discovery and wonder.

- Angela Urata -  Operations Director at Nigora


Heck, yes! Quite a day using language of the body, heart *and* mind. Thank you, Jeremy and all souls who opened to the most dynamic of motion. Your guidance invoked surprise, depth, play, and utter engagement.

- Michael Zipkin - Soul Motion™ Teacher



More fun than a barrel of monkeys, Jeremy's workshop really brought out the playful primates in us all.

- Art Busse



So beautiful, the embodiment, the risk the grace, the playful sweet sweat of it all....thank you ...bless !

- Caroline Seckinger