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"...There is a field."

A Soul Motion Workshop
Facilitated by Jeremy Weichsel


Saturday, Oct 1, 2016
1:30 - 6:30 pm


Finnish Hall Auditorium

1970 Chestnut St, Berkeley, CA 94702

Corner of University & Chestnut, 2 blocks east of San Pablo Ave.



Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.


Perhaps you've had the experience of feeling fully at one with a partner in duet... the effortless intimacy and seemingly magical connection as you move in perfect harmony. Few of us however, have experienced such divine synergy as part of a larger group. Oh, but it is possible, and wonderfully satisfying! I will meet you there...


Soul Motion™, designed by Vinn Arjuna Marti, is a celebration of individual and community play. Blending free form dance, embodied curiosity, and an active cultivation of empathy, we allow the movement and stillness of the moment to unfold. Often blissful, usually a lot of fun, and always real. 


​What to expect:

• A skillfully held space, lightly facilitated with an emphasis on safety, mutual respect, and fun.

• Ample opportunity to dance and play with amazing people. 

• No steps to learn. Just allowing what comes naturally to arise.

• Great music, spanning many genres, with an emphasis on "hand made" music, and a minimum of electronica.

• A safe space to relax or move at your own pace.

• The freedom to engage or not, according to your comfort level in the moment.​

• Simple yet profound embodiment explorations designed to cultivate ease and power in your movement.

• Time to journal, or just reflect.


Jeremy is a certified Soul Motion™ teacher. He has been facilitating dance and embodiment practices for over 20 years. His influences include: Release Technique, Feldenkrais, Body-Mind Centering, Contact Improvisation, and Modern Dance. He has taught and performed internationally - and is a member of the Bay Area Soul Motion Collective. 

Soul Motion Workshop